Montage Sculpture Drawings

Santari #1 2018 30x24in

Santari #1 2018 30x24in



Recently, I have begun exploring montage within a still image implementing "Artresin" (great product) to give the pieces a layered depth of field- transforming a 2D drawing into a 3D Montage Sculpture Drawing. They begin like most of my pieces, using a geometric layout and moving onwards from there; blending meticulous planning and stream of consciousness to form a whole. 


One of the big differences is the step by step aspect of this particular piece creation. Usually I draw one finished piece, however, this style requires making each layer of the montage sculpture drawing separately. Thus, planning and organization are heavily leaned upon (both are areas that I need to further hone, haha). Also prepping is an added element, that usually is avoided in traditional drawing.


The elements are as follows, white space and gold leaf have one layer, the space scenes occupy another, and the graphite montage drawing is on top. First I prep the board, in this case, birchwood with gesso and then sand to smooth (which will be sealed with GAC 500). Next is lightly drawing the whole design on to the board so as to help guide me later on. The gold leaf and charcoal outlines for the white spaces are then applied. 


Once the layers of resin have been applied to the white/gold layer and space scenes (which have been sealed) respectively the drawing is then completed and cut-out. Next, after x-acto knife session, the montage drawing is glued with archival safe glue (as were the space scenes) onto its own layer after it has been sealed-front and back- so as to negate any effects of the Artresin. The last layer of resin is then applied to the montage drawing and allowed time to fully harden; it has at this point become half an inch to an inch thick.  


The Finished Product- Dwentwai: The Saberlion 18x12in 2018 March

And in the end we have a Montage Sculpture Drawing that uses both images and space to create a sense of time, all of which depend on and are influenced by each of the other elements, similar to how the outcome of an algebraic or a  physics equation is altered in accordance with a change to a particular variable or a change in the dynamism of a montage with a modification of shots. Bringing to mind the sense of crashing fluid flow from a set of shots and composition of framing in film montage, yet encapsulated in one still image. This is a very new style however, and is still being tinkered with and perfected, but I felt the need to share what exactly is going on in these pieces. Thanks for reading!

This was the first Montage Sculpture Drawing I ever made here is a link to a time-lapse video of it's creation

Cantari#6 (Untitled) 30x24in 2018 March